Thursday, January 25, 2007

Scored BIG thrift shopping

So this past weekend my hubby and I decided to go antique shopping in Bolivar. We went into this one shop and upstairs in a corner almost tucked away were these crochet and knitting books. I spent a TOTAL of $2.50 for all the books (one is actually a leaflet but still $2.50, SCORE!) My mom thinks that one of them my Great Grandmother had. I am planning on making a few things out of these books but kinda moderinize them.

First Book:

Second Book: (actually a leaflet......half the projects are crochet and the other half are knit.)

Third Book: (copyrighted 1966)

Fourth Book:

Fifth Book: (and no your eyes are NOT playing tricks on you.........her skirt really does match the afghan.)

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Anonymous said...

you shound send the skirt cover into Threadbared they would have a ball with it