Saturday, January 27, 2007

I wanna do what Mommy does!

My 2 year old decided to get into my crochet stuff the other night. I had to rush and grab my camera because she looked SO cute sitting there twisting her hand trying so hard to make that first stitch. In time time! FYI. She was using a size Q crochet hook and Red Hearts worsted weight yarn in case you wanted the pattern for the tangled mess thats on her lap :-). Oh yes and one more thing........she's a leftie just like her mama!


needlesandpinza said...

oh Angie she is just to precious! How great!
Hey thats how I got started too! now 27 yearrs later I am still crocheting up a storm!! And its all because of my MOM!!

Jackie Lim said...

She is cute.

My DD is sharing my stash too.


emily brutalitë said...

Left-handed people need to stick together! She looks so cute!