Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sometimes, life decides what your going to make next

This past Wednesday the girls and I met my Mom at the mall. (P.S. I'm not a mall-rat, nor have I ever been, which is probably why I should've said "no") She wanted to get a little shopping done and wanted company.

Well, remember this hat here that I had made for L. Cute, right? Adorable? Sure. It got lost. Don't ask how but somewhere between getting my coffee fix and those little (rip-off) machines where K. wanted me to win her a scented Care Bear, the hat got lost. We re-traced our steps a million times and visited lost and found 3 times hoping that when we were way over on the other side of the mall, someone had turned in her hat. Nope! Gone!

So, since her hat was lost, I decided to make her another one. Now, I could've made used the same pattern for her second hat, but I wanted something a little different. Also, being that it usually takes me forever to find a pattern that I like, and being that here in Ohio I needed the hat now, there was no time to waste searching for the perfect pattern for L.'s second hat. So, I just sorda winged it with my basic knit-hat knowledge I had under my belt and did a simple 2x2 ribbing hat.

L.'s new hat

L.'s new hat

L.'s new hat

The yarn is Knit Picks Shine Sport in Crocus (which is the same yarn that I used for the first hat) and the white striping is some Bernat baby yarn that my Mom gave to me a long time ago when I first learned how to crochet (which I still have tons of it left, it's almost like everytime I use it it keeps growing).

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