Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A knitted FO for me!

Yes, you did read the headline correct. Not L., not K., not James, but for me! I'm in complete love with my new hat. It's so comphy!

The pattern is the Felicity Hat (picture of Keri Russell in the hat can be found on Craftster.org) that I found via Nettie on Ravelry (which was designed by her). Super easy pattern with excellent shaping. Just the hat I've been looking (and looking, and looking) for myself.

Felicity Hat

Felicity Hat Back

The pattern called for some Caron Simply Soft which is perfect because I had about 3 skeins of it that I've been wanting to use up for something. Knitted on size 5 circulars and also size 7 circulars. The pattern for the Felicity Hat can be found on her blog (for those of you who don't have Ravelry) Knitology. (It's on the right hand side in the side bar).


Nettie said...

I love that mirror shot! A very creative way to show the back and front in one pic.

And you look great in that hat =)

Angie said...

Yes well, it came to me after trying to take a few that came out wonky. Plus, your right, it is a creative way to take a picture of a hat to show both the front and back all in one shot.

Thanks again for the pattern! I've worn my hat all day and my hubby said it looked really great on me.