Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Glad that's over

What a week! We all ended up getting the 24 hour flu bug last week. Yuk! All of us picked our spots in the living room and James headed upstairs to the bedroom. Fevers, sickness, medicine, and keeping track of who got what medicine at what time was a complete nightmare. Good thing I always make a chart to keep such things in order. We are all better now and are feeling more on the up and up rather than "leave me alone!". Which, let me add on a little side note here that I'm glad we keep a library stocked full of DVD's for such occassions.

After I started feeling better, I felt like making myself some simple, yet cute tops. I had this pattern and fabric in my stash and decided to go through with it. The first fabric I decided to work with was a complete nightmare. It kept catching on my feed dogs, wouldn't allow me to press open it's seams, let alone make a nice hem for it. So I here now dub it as my "laundry day" shirt. Or "the shirt I'll wear when we aren't expecting company".

Simplicity New Look 6729

But I kept trucking forward and figured I'd go ahead and finish it that way I can see how it fits and work out any kinks. So I finished the top and I'm glad that the girls were busy with James because they would've learned a new word (or two). It actually looks nice once it's on (if you look past the serious snagging on the front and at the hem) but being that the shirt had been hanging on the hanger like that all day before I took the picture, I swear it sagged because it did not look like that when I completed it.

So, I felt in some way I needed to redeem myself for working with such horrid fabric. Got out another thing of fabric and began cutting out the pattern. I'm in love with this shirt and even though on the pictures they show no sort of undershirt, I get to wear my favorite black lacey cami under it (because it's a little too low cut for my liking).

Simplicity New Look 6729

It fits me absolutely perfect and I can either dress it up paired with my favorite black pants or dress it down with jeans.

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