Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy November!

I love November, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, the chill in the air gets a little bit chillier, and more of Fall.

Yesterday we had Trick or Treating in our neighborhood and, while I'm not much of a Halloween type of person, the girls really wanted to go. I didn't feel like going and spending $$$ on costumes that would just get worn once and then shoved into the back of their closet. So this year, I decided that we would make up our own costumes. The girls actually loved the idea and it was a lot of fun. Everyone was cracking up when they seen these two walking up the walk way.

A catepillar dressed up as a princess and Cinderella before the fairy Godmother came
L. couldn't decide between a caterpillar (a costume I got for K. years ago at the thrift store) and a princess, so I had said to her that she could go as a caterpillar dressed up as a princess. Then K. and I put together this outfit of her being a "housekeeper" complete with feather duster and all. She didn't like the fact that she was going as a "housekeeper" but loved her costume (mainly because everything she wore was mine) so I said to her that she could be Cinderella before the Fairly Godmother came along.
We had a very good time and afterwards there was a party at the Firehouse where we drank warm apple cider and played games.


Sabrina's Creations said...

aww they looked adorable!!
I love the idea of a caterpillar dressas a princess, hehehe, she looks super cute!

Glad that you had a great time!

Angie said...

Thanks Sabrina! We did have a really good time.