Friday, October 26, 2007

WIP - The Craft Room

I was finally able to spend some time in my craft room and get everything organized. I swear, it is still far from what I want for it but it is a slow WIP. I want some shelving in there and who knows what else. Plus, I'm not happy with the white walls. I hate white walls. I want a real soft green color on the walls. But that will all come in time. Until then, I will sit in there and sew in a very white room.

While the other half of the room is not organized, I will just show you the half that is (part way) organized. Mostly my sewing area. That, to me, is the most important area that needs to be organized right now. I like things "at hand" sorda speak and hate to get up for things like buttons, ribbon, etc. Fabric and yarn storage will come later.

Sewing table all organized
Another view of everything neatly organized
I have everything at hand right now. I even put a little basket on the table to hold things like buttons, pieces of fabric that haven't been worked with yet, or other what nots that sometimes seem to get lost in the chaos of sewing.
I have my wine bottle crate (that I got at a flea market a while ago) as a "shelving unit" on my sewing table to hold my bobbins, buttons, and a few gifts from some other crafting friends. Including a beautifully hand crocheted jute basket that Sabrina made for me a few months back, it holds my clothes line pins so they are neatly organized and ready to use when I need them.
A few of my favorite things in here.
Also, which strangely, is one of my favorite "organizational" things in my craft room is the clothes line I hung up to hold pattern pieces, inspirational pictures, and (or course) some pictures of my girls. I love having it there and it is a reminder every time I walk in there what needs to be worked on or what is "next in line" to be worked on. Hopefully I can get some clothing made for the girls some time soon.
The flowers were from a picture in the All You magazine that I just loved the color of. The purse (which was also from the same magazine) is from Delia' (I just love the shape of color of the bag. I'm going to try and recreate one.
Then last, but not least, is my favorite part of the "project board". I picture that K. drew me, a picture of K. and I, and a plastic canvas cross that she made herself. I'm going to do something really cute with the picture that she made me.
The color Purple


Sabrina's Creations said...

yay! I love how your sewing room is looking! I'm also happy to see on one of your shelves the crocheted jute basket that I made for you, happy that you like it and use it!

BellaKarma said...

Love seeing where crafty people create! Looks great! :)

Angie said...

Thank you both Sabrina and bellakarma.