Friday, May 18, 2007

Who's the Boss?

Yes, that is the war my sewing machine and I had today. From things like trying for 15 minutes to fill the bobbin to finally getting it filled, in place, and then bringing the thread up so I could sew.

Well, I was working on a particular project that came to me today and after wrestling with the stupid bobbin I was doing just fine until this happened:

Yes, if you notice, THAT' NOT HOW THE %& @!% needle is suppose to look. So now I have to take a shower, I've been cleaning most of the day so I have that lemon fresh Pledge Mr. Clean with a hint Pine Sol scent going on right now, get me and the girls ready and travel to Wal-Mart just to get a #@* %$ sewing needle and hope that the sewing gods are on my side and Wal-Mart has what I need because the only other sewing place to go to (by time I get me a 2 kids ready) will be JoAnn's and they are a good 20 minutes away (30 if the freeway is filled with people rushing to get home to celebrate the weekend).

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