Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sunday Best

This is a purse I made this afternoon. It is my own pattern that I created and is actually really simple. I'm calling this bag "Sunday Best" because it reminds me of a purse my Grandma would take with her to church.

The handles I got for (if any of you reading this live in Ohio or some parts of Pennsylvania) Pat Catan's for $1.79/handle. The fabric (both outer and lining) was my Mom's that she had and didn't have any intentions of using it. All in all I would say that it took me probably about 2 hours of cutting, sewing, playing with L., piecing together and adding finishing touches. I'm thinking about making a yo-yo using the fabric that I used for the lining to place somewhere in one of the bottom corners of the bag. As soon as I can get some time I'll write up a tutorial for it. Like I said, it is pretty easy to make so if I could make it ANYONE can make it.