Thursday, May 17, 2007

More places to visit.

Browing around today on the computer I came across a couple of more cool website I thought might be of interest to some of you.

  • first up that I found via Etsy (they are having a contest right now) is Instructables. Gives you instructions on how to do just about everything from pushing a cigarette through a coin to making plastic out of milk and vinegar.
  • next website that I found via Instructables (they were doing a tutorial on dying/distressing jeans and listed their website to check out more cool tutorials) is TheadBanger. It is a website for revamping your clothes and making things your own style.
  • last but not least is KidsCraftWeekly which with Summer just around the corner and only 12 more days left of school, I think I'm going to be glued to this website to keep my girls happy and bored free. Sign up for their newsletter and they send you a new project every week. (Um, hence the name craft weekly). Plus you can browse through their archive section of past newsletters to get some ideas.

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