Sunday, April 8, 2007


Well, I finished the first Happy Hour Knit Bar cloth from Knitty Gritty's Happy Hour Knits show this evening while watching Lake House. I LOVED the pattern and it was super easy and really fun to do. I haven't blocked it yet or did the embroidery yet (kids are still up, gotta wait for those little princesses to go to bed so I can watch another movie and do the embroidery) but at least the majority of the work is complete. I decided to do some more Stockinette stitch on the other side and put embroidery there. Um just a little tip, when you slip your stitches, make sure that the one's you already slipped while you are slipping the others STAY ON THE NEEDLE! I dropped a few right as the movie was getting to the part where you cant look away because if you do you might miss something.

Upclose of the stitching:

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